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This 5-Page Site was quite an undertaking given the huge amount of technical data.  It looks small here because I wanted to show it from top to bottom, but when you visit it online, it's "in your face large" and has a ton of easy to enjoy and helpful features.


This 3-Page Site was built before the pandemic and still relevant today. Makes 3 pages work hard with rotating photos and a printed circular download from page 3.

A 4-Page Site with a page acting as a pop-up box reacting to a click on a link. This site was hooked up to a national franchise mechanism. A blank area where a 3rd party contact form was expired. I no longer rely on 3rd party contact forms.


This 3-Page Site speaks for itself. But just like another site, I used a 3rd party contact form that has since expired and occupied the blank space on the third page.

Currently Online

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  Some of these featured sites are currently online and some are from the pandemic era and earlier and are no longer in business online for that or other reasons beyond my knowledge or control..